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media Quotes

“These pictures have a quality of being painstakingly assembled rather than simply photographed.These are not the works of a 20-something who stumbled onto a revelatory vision. Rather, Tim Forcade,after an odyssey extending through lights, motors, cameras and computers has created his own vision by infusing art and technology.”

— Don Lambert, curator, writer


“There’s something undeniably intimate about his art. He is a purist, and these fleeting worlds he creates and then captures are documented exactly how he sees them. One reflects on the magic of leaves in a bucket, of the impermanence of every moment. Of the possibilities of light..”

— Kim Weinberger, Weinberger Fine Art


“Forcade’s workflow incorporates many subtle aesthetic choices that are possible in a digital image but would have been impractical—even impossible—on film. People sometimes mistake Tim’s photographs for paintings. He was trained and thinks like a painter, uses color and form like a painter and operates the camera as if it were an instrument of pure vision—like the eye itself. “

— Rick Mitchell, curator, writer, photographer


“A 40-year veteran in photography, Forcade has proven himself an innovator in all things image related. While some artists shun technology because they believe it somehow taints the purity of their work, Forcade has consistently embraced new technologies, back before most people had any idea the magnitude of their potential.”

— John Niccum, arts editor


“He presents us with photographs that insist on a slow read—ambiguous images that defy linear analysis or literal narrative. In the end one finds they are having a meditative as much as an aesthetic experience, an experience born out of a true synthesis between painting and photography.”

— Richard Saba, painter