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Some time ago my photography moved away from an instantaneous rendering of the moment and toward a more measured emergence. The method combines sudden discovery with gradual refinement during both the shoot and the post work.

I’ve recently assembled a custom technical camera and lens combination far more compatible with the imagery I’m working to create. It enables precise movement around a large, extremely detailed optical image of each set using micrometer adjustments.

The imaging process involves shooting sequences of frames to produce the foundation exposures suitable for post. It’s a combination of arranging the high-energy light reflecting and refracting from a still life set, while cultivating the detail that may burn up in it. The heart of each shoot centers on arranging objects and lighting so that the light is likely to take over and the objects recede or disappear entirely. I use objects to affect light without necessarily being delineated by it. The post work consists primarily of tugging on nascent color, form and edge present in the resulting photon mix.

Working this way is like watching the world break into oscillation though a very fragile window — fragile in that the slightest movement or change in lighting, focus, shift or aperture for example, may cause the composition to collapse. Sometimes you can get back to synchronicity sometimes not.


Tim Forcade is a multimedia artist employing painting, theatrical/studio lighting, electronic systems, video and photography to create imagery inspired by light in all its forms.  He has combined his education in drawing and painting (BFA 1970) with ongoing research and experiments with technology-based media.  His work has been published, collected and exhibited nationally and internationally.

His obsession with art and technology began in the 1960’s.  At that time Tim began work with projected light using paint, liquids, various materials and motors producing environmental stage effects for live performances across the midwest and Canada.  He also produced a series of photographs using theatrical stroboscopic lights and choreography to create imagery using the figure as a point of departure toward abstract photography.  Throughout the 70s and 80s, via independent trial and error, he designed and built his Light Machine Series — interactive electronic devices he used to transform sound into colored light compositions for installations, photography and video.

During the 80s and 90s Tim participated in the emergence and evolution of 2D and 3D computer graphics as an artist, beta site, author, and development team member. He has taught and lectured extensively at various conferences and colleges including SIGGRAPH, the University of Washington, the University of Kansas and Alberta College of Art.

His more recent work leverages his decades of experience as a professional photographer and artist skilled in computational photography and digital image processing. For the last 15 years his large photographic works on paper and fabric have been based on locating or building subjects that he asserts “affect light without necessarily being delineated by it.” This recent work as been referred to as color field photography and a true synthesis between painting and photography.

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For more information contact Tim at 785.843.1605 or email him — A blog about Tim's new work and upcoming exhibits is available via Tim@Facebook.